Dealing with death

Many people are unprepared for death.Yet it is inevitable that all of us must die,sooner or later.People fear death so much that some refuse to talk to their family about it, leaving the family sad and confused if for some reason they suddenly die without a will or if they are in a coma and unable to make a decision.This leaves a lot of questions for their family.What would he/she want?What sort of funeral?Euthansia?
Therefore it is best to sort these matters out early-before it is too late.
funerals are always a sad thing too.Families cry over the loss of their beloved.It is understandable to be sad at first, but think:Wouldn’t your beloved one be sad too?Wouldn’t they want you to feel happy instead?
So it is the time to let go of attachments-only let happy memories stay in your heart.Thats where your beloved one will be forever.Some people feel a lot of regret-that they didn’t treat their beloved one better and try to make up for it by giving them elaborate funerals.For who?When the one u love is already dead, its too late to have regrets.So always treat them well lest bad memories come back to haunt you.